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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

wx Error in Fonty 0.3.5

I noticed an error that kills the app. It's not 100% unexpected, but I had not found a font that triggered it until a moment ago. The font is called 50SDINGS.ttf, BTW.

If you see this kind of thing, it will tell you what font did the deed (et tu, 50SDINGS.ttf?) and you should then manually move it to ~/longknives or someplace else.

So, I will be hacking (when I get a night's sleep) on that issue soon.

Any reports from the field?

Oh, I also started a Launchpad project for Cairoglyphics. So far it's a mess because, frankly, I just don't understand how to use LP. I'm trying to get a link up so people can download the file, but all this bazaar stuff is hurting my head. I hope I get a reply from the feedback email I sent, that will surely help this thick-headed oaf I call me :D


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