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Friday, 25 January 2008

FUI - a select copy/move command line tool

Have you ever wanted to select various files from a console: this one and those two and not this one? Have you ever wanted to move over to another console (or tab) and go to some directory and then copy all those files in one go?

If so, then fui might be for you. The name means 'fake user interface'. Yeah, well, I had to call it something.

The idea was to create some of the elegance of the select, click, cut/copy and paste paradigm in common use in Gui's. With fui you can do this kind of thing:

fui `ls *.jp` blob blimp sandwich
(That will select all those files.)

fui --exclude bobo.jpg muffin.jpg
(I didn't want those two.)

cd /some/other/place
fui --copy
(That will copy all those files to here.)

Simple and easy. You can move files (and directories) as well as copy them.

There's a --help option and it's localized too (but has no po/mo files yet.)

You can get it from the Cheese Shop.


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