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Friday, 25 July 2008

Otherwise Poetry

Me again,
I have delayed putting a link to my little book of poems (available on for many, many months now; feeling a little shy about such marketing, but today I felt a rush of optimism and I just did it.

So, this is a quick post to mention it. I hope someone out there enjoys a few of the poems in my book, but I have never had any feedback so I really don't know if they are any good. The hardcover is priced as low as I could go and the ebook is free.

There are a few new ones towards the end that came from my admiration of Prof. Dawkins' work and what I have learned from him and others (a nod to James Randi) about reality and how deluded we humans really are.

Well, there, it's all said now. Gulp!

Note: I created the entire book (printed version and ebook) using 100% free software on Kubuntu. I used Lyx to do the writing (and produce the PDF and the PS) and Inkscape & Scribus to hack the cover. Thank the FSM for such capable and fantastic software. Oh, I used Fonty Python to manage my fonts too ;) (But the quality of that software is up for debate.)


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