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Friday, 25 July 2008

Notes from July

I have one more operation to go (I hope that's all) and I should be all repaired. Man I wish I was as simple as a motherboard and I could get opened-up with a screwdriver and have bits swapped-out.

Otherwise July has been good to me; we have moved into our house and I have a reliable Internet connection (the most important thing :D ) and I am starting to edge towards coding again.

  1. Learn Django!
  2. Finish my Python & Cairo animation app. This is very cool, but I need time to polish it.
  3. Get a web-server of my own (perhaps Linode) and muck about with some web apps.
  4. Polish Fonty Python some more (Nautilus & Konqueror integration for one).
So, lots to do with little time!

Ciao world,

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