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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Clutter Mouse Events

Well, it has been a fairly good week in-between the segfaults and other scary things. I have a basic system to tame mouse events so that I can respond to 'click' and 'double-click' and stuff like 'dragging' and 'drag-over'.
This is all written in Python. The licence is GPLv3.
Save them both ( in a directory called helpers), then run -- you should be able to drag them around (with different mouse buttons. They dump info to the console.)
Module 1:
import clutter
import gobject

class DragEnvelope(object):
 """Helps deal with drags."""
 def __init__(self, obj, event):
  self.event = event
  self.diffx = event.x - obj.get_x()
  self.diffy = event.y - obj.get_y()
 def calcPos(self, event):
  """Where to draw the Actor relative to cursor within it."""
  self.newx = event.x - self.diffx
  self.newy = event.y - self.diffy

class Mouserizer(object):
 ## User vars to form ui mask
 HITABLE = 1<<0
 DRAGABLE = 1<<1
 PICK_UNDER = 1<<4

 LEFT = 1<<0
 MIDDLE = 1<<1
 RIGHT = 1<<2

 ## Private class vars
 __FLAG_ENTERED = 1<<0 # Not used in this version.
 __FLAG_MOVING = 1<<3



 def __init__(self, ui=None, buttons=None):
  if ui is None: 
   return # Not going to watch for any mouse events, so bug out.
  self.buttons = buttons
  ## If we want HIT kind of events, then just connect the usual suspects.
  if (ui & Mouserizer.HITABLE) !=0: # test bit
   self.connect('enter-event', self.on_enter_event)
   self.connect('leave-event', self.on_leave_event)

  self.__PICK_UNDER = False
  if (ui & Mouserizer.PICK_UNDER) !=0:
   self.__PICK_UNDER = True

  ## Keep a record of what we are going to listen to.
  self.ui = ui

  ## Enable the actor (self) to receive events.

  ## This is the state of our situation -- it will be masked bitwise.
  self.ui_state = 0
  ## Route all events (for this Actor) through one function:
  self.connect('captured-event', self.event_central)

 def event_central(self, obj, event):
  ## This routine runs many times. Once for every kind
  ## of event the actor is getting.

  ## filter out only the mouse events.
  if event.type not in Mouserizer.__clutter_mouse_event_types: 
    return Mouserizer.YES_CONTINUE_EMITTING

  ## filter out buttons we are NOT going to deal with
  if hasattr(event, "button"):
   b = 1 << (event.button - 1)
   #print bin(b)," vs ", bin(self.buttons)
   if not(b & self.buttons !=0 ):
    return Mouserizer.NO_STOP_EMITTING # is this wise?

  ## event_central ONLY runs when cursor is
  ## over the actor -- thus ENTER is implied.
  ## Make a note of PRESS/RELEASE
  if event.type==clutter.BUTTON_PRESS:
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state | Mouserizer.__FLAG_PRESSING # set bit
  if event.type==clutter.BUTTON_RELEASE:
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state | Mouserizer.__FLAG_RELEASING # set bit

  ## Make a note of MOTION
  ## First, clear it.
  self.ui_state = self.ui_state & ~Mouserizer.__FLAG_MOVING # clear bit
  if event.type==clutter.MOTION:
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state | Mouserizer.__FLAG_MOVING # set bit

  ## Now, what kinds of stuff is this actor interested in?

  ## DO META EVENTS - "More than" events. e.g. 'Click' is press, then release.
  if (self.ui & Mouserizer.CLICKABLE) != 0: # test bit
   if self.ui_state == Mouserizer.__PATTERN_CLICK:
    if event.click_count > 1:
     self.emit('double-click', event)
     ## A single click is fired just before double-click...!
     self.emit('single-click', event)

  if (self.ui & Mouserizer.DRAGABLE) !=0: # test bit
   if self.ui_state == Mouserizer.__PATTERN_DRAG_START:
    self.ui_state=self.ui_state | Mouserizer.__FLAG_DRAGGING # set bit
    self.draglet = DragEnvelope( self, event )
    ## Phew! I thought I was fcuked! In order to get dragging to 
    ## work when the pointer is NOT ON the Actor, I had to revert
    ## to grab_pointer* -- and that needs connecting. I connected the
    ## two appropriate event to *this* same function! And it works :D
    ## * grab_pointer causes the entire window (stage?) to focus on the
    ##   Actor passed -- so I get all motion and release events even where
    ##   the Actor aint.
    ##   ! Not sure what kind of recursive issues this may throw at me :(
    clutter.grab_pointer( self )
    self.connect('motion-event', self.event_central)
    self.connect('button-release-event', self.event_central)
    self.emit('drag-start', self.draglet )
   elif self.ui_state == Mouserizer.__PATTERN_DRAG:
    self.draglet.calcPos( event ) # A 'draglet' is a little wrapper containing the event and some tricks.
    ## Who is under me? Only do if PICK_UNDER flag is set.
    if self.__PICK_UNDER:
     a = self.stage.get_actor_at_pos(clutter.PICK_REACTIVE, int(event.x),int(event.y))    
     ## a is!
     ## Only emit if a has a drag-over signal:
     if gobject.signal_lookup('drag-over', a ):
      print a, " under me"
      a.emit('drag-over', self.draglet)
    self.emit('dragging', self.draglet)
   elif self.ui_state == Mouserizer.__PATTERN_DROP:
    self.draglet.calcPos( event )
    self.ui_state= self.ui_state & ~Mouserizer.__FLAG_DRAGGING # clear bit
    self.emit("drop", self.draglet)
  ## META EVENTS are done.

  ## Flip opposites off.
  if event.type==clutter.BUTTON_PRESS:
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state & ~Mouserizer.__FLAG_RELEASING # clear bit
  if event.type==clutter.BUTTON_RELEASE:
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state & ~Mouserizer.__FLAG_PRESSING # clear bit
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state & ~Mouserizer.__FLAG_RELEASING # clear bit
   self.ui_state = self.ui_state & ~Mouserizer.__FLAG_DRAGGING # clear bit

  return Mouserizer.YES_CONTINUE_EMITTING

(Always with the rectangles eh? :D)
import clutter
from helpers.states import Mouserizer as M
import gobject

meta_signals = {
 'single-click' : ( gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT,) ),
 'double-click' : ( gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT,) ),
 'drag-start' : ( gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT,) ),
 'dragging' : ( gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT,) ),
 'drop' : ( gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT,) ),
 'drag-over' : ( gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT,) ),

class DragHandle(clutter.Rectangle, M):
 ## Make this class a GObject type
 __gtype_name__ = 'DragHandle'
 ## Specify which signals it can receieve.
 __gsignals__ =  meta_signals

 def __init__(self, stage, col, ui=None, buttons=None):
  You don't have to connect: enter-event, leave-event, single-click or double-click
  if ui is None:
   ui = M.HITABLE
  if buttons is None:
   buttons = M.LEFT
  M.__init__(self, ui=ui, buttons=buttons)
  self.stage = stage
  self.set_color( clutter.color_from_string(col))

 def do_drag_over(self, draglet):
  print "DRAG OVER ", draglet

 def do_single_click(self, *args):

 def do_double_click(self, *args):

 def do_drag_start(self, draglet):
  print "DRAG STARTS:"
  return True

 def do_dragging(self, draglet):
  self.set_position(draglet.newx, draglet.newy)
  return True

 def do_drop(self, *args):
  print "DROP!"
  return True

 def on_enter_event(self, obj, evt):
  print "ENTERING ",obj
  return True

 def on_leave_event(self,obj,evt):
  print "LEAVING ", obj
  return True
if __name__ == '__main__':
 stage = clutter.Stage()
 stage.set_size(640, 480)

 stage.connect('destroy', clutter.main_quit)

 test=DragHandle( stage, "Green",  ui=M.HITABLE | M.CLICKABLE | M.DRAGABLE, buttons= M.RIGHT )

 test2=DragHandle(stage, "Red",  ui=M.HITABLE | M.DRAGABLE | M.PICK_UNDER , buttons= M.LEFT )

Well, I hope that helps someone.

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