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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Fonty 0.4.3 Test it please!

I have worked hard for about two weeks now and I am quite happy with things. There are still problems (keyboard things mostly) but it's quite usable.

Get it here:
svn co svn://

Screenshot - a little out of date, but shows the general idea.

Stuff I done did
  1. Fonts that have weird spacing to the left and top are now cropped to fit. This is optional (see Settings) because it adds work per font and is slightly slower.
  2. After much experimentation I finally got Fonty to spawn either gucharmap or kfontview for any given font — and you can open multiple windows. There is a new button on each font item (bottom left). Only valid fonts can be viewed.
    I chose those two because:
    • Doing a character map of my own is just insane.
    • I searched around in the Debian repos and online for other viewers and those are the two that seem prevalent. If there are others, let me know so I can attempt to wire them in.
    On startup, Fonty will look for them and only offer what is installed (see
  3. I flipped the tabs for Source to the bottom. My thinking is that most work happens at the bottom of the app: paging, filtering and when you scroll down in the view, you end-up at the bottom anyway. So, the tabs are closer now. This might suck...
  4. I added some quick filter toggle buttons for Bold, Italic and
  5. I did a lot of work on the appearance of the font view. There are lots of tweaks and icons/colours to represent bad fonts.
  6. When more than 20 fonts are in any page a wx.Yield() is done so that the entire GUI does not lock-up.
  7. Settings got a notebook (tabs) to better control the new options.
  8. The help file has been up-upgraded.
  9. Many strings have been altered (pog to Pog, for example) and there are some new ones too. Translators alert!
  10. The ability to zip a Pog — was added in 0.4.2 but it's still shiny and new.
  11. Also since 0.4.2 — Font counting. To prevent 'overlaps' when Pogs share common font files and you don't want them uninstalling.
  12. The man page is updated. man -l fontypython.1 will show it.
There are probably more things I have forgotten now. The code has been factored and cleaned (a lot) but there are still areas that are a mess.

Right, I believe that barring any big errors this will be the latest Fonty for some time. I have to move-on to other projects now.


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