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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Fonty News

September has been a busy month for Fonty. I have a new version ready to go in the svn. If anyone wants to give it a test run, please head over to and get it while it's hot.

I will be making a tarball in the days to come, so any bugs before then would be nice to know about.

New features:
  • You can zip Pogs into zip files. When you need someone else to have the fonts you used, this is a quick way to do it.
  • Installed fonts are now counted and should the same fonts be referred-to in many Pogs, the font will not be uninstalled until it's absolutely not needed. This fixes an irksome bug with a long pedigree.
  • Lots of little visual improvements have been made. I hope they look as good on other systems and themes...
  • The help file was overhauled.

Right, I hope you like. Send me screen shots if you have the time.

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